Frequently Asked Questions

1When are you open?
Term time
Monday - 10am-6pm
Tuesday - 10am-6pm
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - Closed
Friday - 10am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday - 10am-6pm

School Holidays
Monday - Sunday: 10am-6pm
2Are there age restrictions?
The giant inflatable and archery sessions are strictly for ages 4+ only for safety reasons (see below)
Ages 1-3 have access to our toddler area, soft play and creative play area
There is no upper age limit!
3Are You Recommended By TripAdvisor?
Yes we are a 3x Traveller's Choice Award Winner (formerly Certificate of Excellence) which means we are in the top 10% of attractions in the world for customer satisfaction.
4Are there always dinosaurs at the park?
No, the dinosaurs are only available on special event dates that we announce throughout the year. On these dates, you must have a dinosaur experience ticket in order to have access to the dinosaurs. General admission tickets on any date do not include access to dinosaurs.
5Are socks provided?
Yes! Holmside Park anti-bacterial socks are included in your admission
6Do I have to complete a waiver before entry?
Yes, all customers must complete a waiver for themselves & their children. A waiver must be filled in for everyone who has a session with us, but must be completed by a parent/guardian for those under 16. Once completed, a waiver lasts for 12 months, so if your next visit is within that time, you won't need to complete another waiver. You will be given a link to complete your waiver once you have booked with us.
7Why Do I Have to Complete a Waiver?
The simple answer is for your safety. Not only does our waiver outline potential risks for yourself & your children, it is essential in the current climate for Track & Trace purposes. With our safety measures in place, the likelihood that we will need to notify any of our customers is low, but in the interest of public safety, it is vital that we have contact info for everyone that enters our park just in case of an emergency. We are not willing to take risks, which is why nobody will be allowed to enter the park without having a completed a Waiver for themselves & their children first. This can be done on our website or on your phone using one of the many QR codes outside our park entrance. To reduce high traffic touchpoints, our iPads have been removed from Holmside Park so you CANNOT complete a Waiver inside the park.
8What clothes should children wear?
We recommend long sleeves and long legged bottoms. Holmside Park anti-bac socks must be worn on the inflatable.
9How much time do I get?
Time is unlimited. Stay as long as you like at no extra cost.
10Do I have to book?
We highly recommend customers pre-book online prior to arrival. Online prices are cheaper compared to over the phone or at reception, + some of our special offers can only be booked online!
11Why Can't Toddlers Use the Giant Inflatable?
At two points in the obstacle course there is a 3 metre climb required to continue on the course. We've been advised by the company that provided the inflatables as well as a specialist advisor that a child under the age of 4 would not be able to safely manage a climb that size. Also, it's not safe for an adult to attempt those climbs whilst carrying a child, which is why we cannot allow toddlers around the course even with adult supervision. For your safety and the safety of your toddler, this is why the course is strictly for ages 4+. We appreciate some toddlers are bigger than others and maybe capable of completing it, but we do enforce this as a general rule purely for the safety of our visitors.
12Is there a Cafe?
Yes, there is a cafe which provides a wide variety of food and drinks and can cater for a variety of dietary requirements. New table service feature is in action. Please note that only food purchased at Holmside Park can be consumed on the premises. Check out this page to give you an idea of the menu.
13Can we bring our own food?
Yes, picnics are allowed but only in the designated outdoor picnic area, + all rubbish must be taken away. Picnics cannot be eaten indoors as we must prioritise seating for our cafe customers. Only food purchased in our café can be eaten indoors. Our café provides a wide variety of food and drinks and can cater for a variety of dietary requirements.Check out this page to give you an idea of the menu.
14Is this Mini Moos?
No. We are on the same site as Mini Moos once was, but we are a new company with different owners and the centre will operate very differently to the way Mini Moos did. The Venue has had a £500k+ refurbishment to date and there are no animals.
15Are there animals?
16Do parents/guardians have to pay?
Yes Guardians require a Guardian Admission or General Admission Ticket
Guardian Admission gives you access to all activities except for our Giant Inflatables, Roller Skating and Archery. Upgrade to General Admission if you wish to use all activities.
Over 65's are free.
17Do you have lockers?
Lockers are available and require a £1 coin.
18Do you allow pets?
No, we do not allow pets at Holmside Park, indoors or outdoors. Those with support animals should contact us first.
19Are You Still Offering Discount for Kids Pass Users?
No, we no longer offer discount to Kids Pass Users. We have contacted Kids Pass several times to remove us from their website and their app, but they continue to ignore our requests.
20Do I Need to Book For a Child Under 12 Months?
Yes. All under 1's are now required to be booked in & have a completed safety waiver when visiting Holmside Park. When booking online, please select the "Babies under 1 years old ticket option" for any visitors under 12 months: you will not be charged for this. If a visitor over 12 months old is booked on this ticket, you will be charged for a Toddler Admission upon check in.
21Do you have any on-site photographers?
No, we will never take photos of your children while they are at the park and we will not repost any customer photos on social media without asking permission first.
22Does Holmside Park have Wifi?
Holmside Park does not have WiFi available for customers.
23Who Supervises the children?
Holmside Park staff are responsible for the monitoring and usage of equipment. Supervision of children is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.